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2011: Catching The Duke's Eye

BertART begun the New Year with a bang, with a glossy exhibition at Quadro Art. All the people who know and love Bert's art came to see the weekend show, and were surprised by a visit from the Duke of Devonshire.

A Special Reunion

Whilst watching 'Antiques Roadshow' in Wales, Mary Nash dropped her sewing in surprise. Bert Broomhead's name was mentioned and when she looked up she saw his self portrait. She had hoped to hear of him over the years, but it had been such a long time.

Global Educational Outreach at Kroto Research Institute

For a presentation of photos of Bert and to see his paintings, with commentary from Amaryliis, visit the Global Educational Outreach at Kroto Research Institute

Champagne Launch of BertART in Quadro

His Grace, the Duke of Devonshire, is visiting Dobbies on Saturday 8th January and has kindly agreed to open an exhibition of Bert Broomhead’s Art.

Appearance on Antiques Roadshow: 5th December 2010

Bert's work was featured on a special edition of Antiques Roadshow, filmed at Chatsworth House and gardens earlier in the year.

2010: By Public Request

Following the success of 'Art in the Gardens' in Sheffield, Bert's work is becoming increasingly popular. Spotted by Pauline Harrison of SUFAS, Bert's work was shown to the public. Many people visited the summer exhibition June Ghosts in the Turner Glass Museum, which ran from 8th to 25th June 2010. His works were received with pleasure and enthusiasm; several originals were bought that night. A percentage of the profits made from the sale of Bert's Art was donated by cheque to The Alzheimer's Society.

2009: Into The Light

After twenty years of darkness the shapes and textures of canvases and frames were seen through the filtering particles of dusky attic gloom. Time had healed the wounds left by my father, and it was time to forgive and remember...


Artwork Copyright © Estate of Bert Broomhead.