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A Special Reunion

Whilst watching 'Antiques Roadshow' in Wales, Mary Nash dropped her sewing in surprise. Bert Broomhead's name was mentioned and when she looked up she saw his self portrait. She had hoped to hear of him over the years, but it had been such a long time.

Mary had been an art student with Bert at Bretton Hall in 1952, in the same class. He had asked her to pose amongst the gardenias in the conservatory, seeing her as a hot house flower herself. The dress he asked her to wear was the olive dress that we titled her portrait by.

She remembered vividly how he would sit studying her in the art lessons, and she felt overwhelmed when he asked her to sit for her portrait. Mary remembered his talent vividly, as being 'Head and shoulders above the rest'.

Mary is 79 now, and drove all the way from Wales for her special reunion. Delighted to see the work again, and to hear of Bert's progress, she kindly agreed to this photograph.

Could you be the next person who knows the story behind one of Bert's unknown portraits?


Artwork Copyright © Estate of Bert Broomhead.