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A View of Bakewell Church 1946

Abstract in Black of a Still Life

Abstract in Green - Still Life of Rubbish

Abstract of Trout 1960

Ageing Bert

Amaryllis Aged 2

Amaryllis Aged 7

Ancient Market Road at Hassop

Art Table

Bagshaw Hall (A Detail)

Bagshaw Hall and Bakewell Church

Bakewell Bridge Stylised

Bakewell Bridge with Swans

Bakewell Bridge with Trees

Bakewell from Crackendale (Watercolour)

Bakewell from Wynn Meadow (oil)

Bakewell in Winter

Bakewell Limestone Quarry 1949

Bakewell Market in December

Bakwell Bridge 1950

Base of a Tree

Bert's Dog Tess

Bespectacled Bert

Bill Hallows

Blue Drift

Blue Drill 1963

Bottle and Spoon

Boy With Cat


Breakfast Table

Bridge at Haddon Fields


Broomhead Moor from Holt House

Brunette in Black

Castle Hill at Bakewell


Cock and Magpie

Corncrake Nesting

Corncrake Running

Corner of an Old Bakewell Street

Covering the Haystack (Wood Cut)

Covering the Stack



Dancing Alders by Water

Details of a Jay

Dog Weasel

Dove's Nest in Derbyshire

Dragon's Back at Hollinsclough

Drawing of Teddy Bear

Fantasy Scene

Farm Grange

Female Sparrowhawk

Fishing, A Detail

Fledgling Rook


Four Magpies in a Clearing

Fruit in a Glass Bowl

Fruit on Cloth Drapes

Gamekeeper and His Dog

Girl in a Striped Skirt

Girl in a White Ruff

Girl in Green Suit

Globe Thistles

Goose from Litton Mill

Haddon Hall

Haycarts and Hens

Hillside in the Sun

His Dog Bess

His Mother Reading

His Mother Reading - Pencil Sketch

His Mother's Room at Blake House

Horse Chestnut Tree in a High Wind - Oil

Horse Chestnut Tree in Summer

Horse Chestnut Tree with Barn

Irises in Watermeadow

Jiggery Pokery - Wood Cut

John Nicholson

June Ghosts

Lady in an Olive Dress

Lathkill Dale 1948

Leaning Barn

Long Barns


Marilyn by Firelight

Marilyn in Pink Raincoat

Miniature of a Robin

Miniature of a Skylark

Miniature of a Wren

Mother in Pearls

Mother Knitting

Nude on a Green Ground

Nude with Book

Nymphs Before a Temple

Oil Sketch for Magpie Mine

Oil Sketch for Parwich

Oyster Catcher

Pan and Apples


Passport Photo

Passport Signature

Peewit 1944

Pen Detail for Tessellation of Sea Shells

Pen Sketch for Magpie Mine

Pen Sketch for Magpie Mine

Pen Sketch for Parwich

Pen Sketch for Wynn Meadow

Peonies (Unfinished)

Portrait of a Balding Gentleman

Post-War Bert

Pot with Newspaper and Apple

Prep Sketch of a Nude

Prep Study for an Oil of a Gentleman in an Armchair

Preparatory Sketch of Marilyn

Purple Lilacs

Queery Leary Bird


Reverse Bakewell Bridge Stylised

Rooftops of Bakewell

Sandwich Terns

Scott's Pine

Scraper Board Jay Landing (Quarter Sheet)

Scraper Board Prep for 'The Birds'

Sea Bather

Self Portrait 1951

Self Portrait Cartoon

Sketch for Horse Chestnut Tree in High Wind (Oil)

Sketch for Walkers' Gate

Sketch for Wynn Meadow - Watercolour

Sketch of Girl in Pearls

Sketch on a Canvas (Unfinished)

Soldier Aged 19

Spanish Chestnut 1942

Starry Night (After Van Gogh)

Studio House formerly known as Ridgeway

Study Near Walkers' Gate

Study of a Pear Tree near Bagshaw Hall

Sunflower with Blake Poetry

Sunset Orchard and Bakewell Church

Tea with the Cat

Tessellation of Sea Shells

The Birds

The Light

The Rainbow

The Rat Catcher's Club (Unfinished)

The Trees

The Weir Above the Packhorse Bridge, Bakewell

Three Lane's End, Nr Monyash

Three Magpies

Tower by Moonlight

Tree Trunks Over Water

Trees and Rocks

Two Mute Swans

Two Starlings

Two Women in an Attic

Unfinished Prep Sketch of His Mother in Overalls

Uplit Tree

View of Bakewell Church from Grant's Field

View of Magpie Mine from Mogshaw

View of Oxford from a Miniature by Tom Girtin

Walkers' Gate - Oil

Watercolour of a Tree

Watercolour of Owl at Dykes' Cliff

Wesleyan Chapel on Bagshaw Hill

White Lilacs

Wildlife of the River Bank

Woodcut of a Tree

Woodcut of Three Magpies

Yellow Tulips in a Jug

Yellow Tulips in a Jug - Signed

Young Soldier

Artwork Copyright © Estate of Bert Broomhead.