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'Into the Light' - An Artist's Hidden Treasures Revealed

BAKEWELL MAY BE FAMOUS for its puddings, but it has much more to be proud of with Bert Broomhead's works. As a Sheffield Art School trained artist and painter of Peak District scenes, Bert will have captured images of landscapes you will have seen, grand houses you will have visited, and tracks you will have walked.

Bert enjoyed productive periods sketching and painting work after Van Gogh using local flora, fauna and landscapes for inspiration. He picked weeds from the hedgerows, rescued magpies and studied owls. Using a dynamic style and confident brushstrokes, he sought to capture form, colour and light as he interpreted it. Bert adored Van Gogh; he wrote of his works: "sometimes good, sometimes bad: always interesting". This summary reveals something of Bert, and could be used to describe his own work and life. Bert was deeply troubled by conflict, a re-habilitated soldier from the Second World War who found himself overwhelmed by grief and anxiety during the course of his chosen career as an artist. As the son of antiques dealer and carpenter J.H. Broomhead, he was well versed in technique and Art History. He had sketched and painted with an intense passion from an early age and his sketchbooks indicate he had talent, even as a boy. No doubt, if peace had reigned, he would have followed in his father's footsteps. But in 1941, the country was at War, so at the age of at nineteen Bert joined the Grenadier Guards. Fighting for England until the much-longed for and bitter end shattered his nerves and crushed his spirit.

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Artwork Copyright © Estate of Bert Broomhead.