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2009: Into The Light

After twenty years of darkness the shapes and textures of canvases and frames were seen through the filtering particles of dusky attic gloom. Time had healed the wounds left by my father, and it was time to forgive and remember...

In 2009, my friend, Ruth Judge saw a couple of Bert Broomhead's paintings for the first time. Their quality and magic gave her sleepless nights! On hearing that I had always wanted to exhibit his work, she set about helping me do that. Hundreds of pictures were stored: portraits, nudes, roof top views, landscapes and views of Bakewell, where he had lived. They had been in an attic for twenty years. In July, we took them down to the daylight; dusted, cleaned, measured them and captured the images digitally. This website was first put together so that you could enjoy seeing these images, and this site is growing and developing with the project. I hope you will re-visit the website to track the progress of Bert's Art. Bakewell may be famous for its puddings, but we hope you will agree that it has much more to be proud of, with Bert Broomhead's works. His paintings are now displayed several times each year, and information on these exhibitions will be uploaded to this website in the future. It is a sincere wish that my father's name becomes known, and that his art can be seen and loved. I believe I was left a legacy and that it should be shared. We hope these new finds provide a memorable experience for you! This introduction ties in with the article 'Into the Light' - An Artist's Hidden Treasures Revealed' (May 2010) from the 'Reflections' magazine.

Amaryllis Rae
Amaryllis Rae (nee Broomhead)
The Artist's Daughter

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Artwork Copyright © Estate of Bert Broomhead.